Ok, I use n词库 a lot because it is a decent site. Then again it has its problems and I rip it apart every chance I get, like when they have a 'language note'. If you want to see what I deem a decent language note, see my entry on 难道.

But, I was browsing the interwebs today and ran across their video feature and it is fucking awesome. I never really thought I would get to know the difference between 抽 and 拨 (real useful, I know) just like I always thought I had to take it for granted that 酥 is flaky and 脆 is crispy, but that these definitions of crispiness and flakiness are culturally dependent and I never care that much.

So, check out their video section, it rocks.


Oh yeah. And I hate their name and the fact that I feel obligated to write it out correctly so it doesn't look retarded.